Operation Empower



Equipping young men and women in Sierra Leone with the knowledge, skills, and perspective THEY need to provide for themselves and their families, and give leadership to their communities.

We need to put this country to work!   John Yambasu, Resident Bishop, United Methodist Church of Sierra Leone

The key to ending poverty resides in the capacity of human beings (and their view of their own capacity) to facilitate positive change, and engage in productive enterprise.  Bruce Wydick, Professor of Economics and author, San Francisco University

This program (the Taiama Enterprise Academy) has the potential to change the face of a nation!  Ernest Dhomohina, Chancellor, Nuala University, Sierra Leone

Hoosier Methodists (and others) have the opportunity to do something extraordinary. But it’s going to take commitment, dedication, and focus. Operation Empower is in the process of developing the Taiama Enterprise Academy in up-country Sierra Leone – and we (and our partners in Sierra Leone) really do believe that it has incredible potential to not just educate, but equip, empower, and energize a new generation of leaders in Sierra Leone.

To read a synopsis of what it proposed at the TEA (Taiama Enterprise Academy), CLICK HERE.


From more information, contact Bob and Sandy Coolman, General Coordinators, Sierra Leone Partner’s Conference

robert.coolman@inumc.org 219 405 5821

sandy.coolman@inumc.org   219 405 4952